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Meet Issac Hwang of Cali Finance Group in Rowland Heights

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


Today we’d like to introduce you to Issac Hwang.

Issac, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

I believe that my first encounter of anything related to finance was through my father’s wholesale fashion distribution company. Many jobbers acquire financing through merchant or vendor financing, and my exposure to factoring led me to be curious about other areas of finance. Soon, the curiosity I developed led me into understanding and gaining experience in the ground works of the finance industry. Furthermore, my continuous drive to grasp the know-hows and the behind the scenes of the finance industry piloted me to find out how to establish a finance company from scratch.

However, the defining moment that propelled me forward even more in creating a finance company was when I discovered that many lives were degraded due to poor financial decisions and dishonest finance swindlers.

I believe that our society needs to improve its financial literacy not only to improve the quality of peoples’ lives but also to enrich the lives of future generations. I know that it would be impossible for every individual in our society to reach the maximum quality of life, but I believe that every individual is capable of attaining financial literacy to overcome debt, strive for a better future, and have the proper tools to overcome any financial complications during hardships.

Overall, my belief is that every individual deserves to obtain a certain level of “financial freedom.” My desire is to help people overcome their financial hardships by developing a finance company that people can rely on for all their financial needs.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

I believe that all entrepreneurs can agree, regardless of business size, establishing any type of business is far from a “smooth road.” To most people, “entrepreneur” is a terminology that carries a positive connotation. It may be because entrepreneurship entails or symbolizes values such as leadership, self-discipline, visionary, determined, etc. However, most people fail to realize how difficult it is to perform these adjectives; let alone, to continue walking a path where the future is laid with uncertainties. All entrepreneurs struggle but these obstacles may actually become a chance to truly put these qualities to the test.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, I believe that the struggle that was unique to me was becoming a finance company founder at a young age – 20 years old. Most of my clients, in the beginning, were skeptical in my ability to deliver my services properly. A part of me does not blame them because the finance industry is portrayed to be run by professionals well in there mid 40-50’s with a suit & tie. Hence, my struggle has been to prove myself, in a sense, that I am knowledgeable in finance more than any seasoned, MBA degree earned professionals.

Another struggle was tackling the $1.27 trillion industry. At the start, I was able to obtain investments through private investors, family, & friends. I was ecstatic and grateful in acquiring any sum of investments; however, it was chump change compared to the investment & influence of other finance tycoons with annual sales looming in the multibillions.

Despite the adversity, my company has been surviving in such a competitive market. In due time, clients understood and knew the quality of my services as I focused attentively to the product development, growth strategy, and marketing sectors of the company.

Therefore, through my personal commitment and awareness, I am able to offer a holistic approach in viewing a person beyond his or her paperwork to guide him or her through low-cost business & financial consultation, which is very unlikely in other financial institutions. By offering consultations, our customers are able to utilize their loans in a more effective way, which helps to increase their revenue, expand their business, & fortify all areas of their personal finances.

All in all, I am following my mission to help my customers in all areas of their finance struggles, whether it is business or personal. I hope to educate, provide, & guide each individual with the necessary tools for wise financial decisions.

We’d love to hear more about your business.

Cali Finance Group is a finance company that offers variety of loans, debt resolutions programs, and consultations for individuals & businesses a-like.

We are a finance company that specializes in providing our services to individuals & businesses with challenged credit scores, sub-par documents, and other challenging factors that traditional financial institutions would deny. Our company is known for helping our customers overcome $1 million dollar credit card debt alone and offering low-cost consultations that accommodate all areas of one’s finance.

We are most proud of educating and aiding customers, equipping them with the knowledge in avoiding con artists and finance company impostors that prey on individuals & business occupied in life.

Our company is set apart from others with our in-house funding & hospitality, avoiding financial technology that rejects applicants solely on documents. We work together with our clients to ensure that they are informed in all steps of our services and provide not just one, but a variety of other services to ensure that our customers are presented with all financial opportunities/solutions. Furthermore, each customer is setup with their own personal financial counselors who are willing to listen to his or her situation and provide guidance in any financial issue that may arise.

What were you like growing up?

Anybody that knows me is big hearted in understanding that I am an introvert and a devout Christian. Due to that reason, people who do not know me well are surprised when they learn that I turn into an extrovert at work and how I sum up the courage to give seminars in my free time. I truly hold my immediate family dearly to my heart and the funny thing is that my family tells me that I am around them too much!

I tell my friends and family that being religious and an introvert is a bad combination because I tend see the world in a black & white fashion more than my peer’s. The combination results in me being stubborn at times and presenting a tough exterior.

However, I am simply an individual just trying to live a righteous life as best as I can and try to fix my defective habits just like everyone else. I hope to live or keep “growing up” by cherishing my loved ones and hoping to help our community and economy by helping each customer, one step at a time.

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