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how Can Cali finance help?

At Cali Finance, our mission is to provide value & support small businesses and individuals.


We believe that consultations should not only be available to multi-billion dollar corporation and high net worth individuals. 

We believe that small businesses and the general populace should have options to affordable consultations.

However, you may wonder why is consultation a vital step to success and sustainability? 

I would like to answer your question with a question of our own. 


Simply, wouldn't anybody and everybody benefit from having an expert at their corner? 

An expert that helps with financial-related inquiries, business questions, and other areas of someone's life can add tremendous value. With their experience, an expert can guide and warn any individual about common troubles faced in entrepreneurship, personal finance, and other areas of his or her life. Essentially, consultations offer you not only mentoring but also resolutions to problems that you may have never thought of. 

As your consultant, we will be here to provide you with resources that will be beneficial to your livelihood. 

Our Strengths

Loan Brokerage
Affordable Consultations
Large Professional Services Network
Direct Lender
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