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BIZ.ME Business Blog: Cali Finance Group

Updated: Mar 8, 2020


Tell us a bit about your business.

Cali Finance Group is a finance company that offers a variety of loans, debt resolution programs and consultations for individuals and businesses alike.

Contrary to our competitors, we are a finance company that specializes in providing our services to individuals and businesses with challenged credit scores, subpar documents and other challenging factors that traditional financial institutions would avoid.

Our company is known for helping our customers overcome $1 million of credit card debt alone and offering low-cost consultations that accommodate all areas of one’s finances. We serve individuals and businesses that truly want to improve their financial situations and are searching for reputable finance companies to secure funding or loans.

Our company’s mission is inspired by our founder and CEO Issac Hwang, who believes that the finance industry has a duty to educate and help clients in all areas of finance. He saw the vulnerability in the finance industry: The weakness was that other financial institutions focused only on selling a product rather than performing a service. In addition, they only served well-off clients and rejected those who truly required financial assistance.

Hence, Cali Finance Group was formed to service all types of customers and to help them achieve financial freedom and gain financial wisdom to overcome financial hardships.

How has your business progressed recently and what do you attribute that to? Where do you see your business in one year?

Fortunately, since the beginning our company has been progressing positively in terms of customer satisfaction, a growing customer base and an upward trend all-around. We believe our upward trend is attributed to our customers understanding and knowing that we are different from other financial institutions out there. By word-of-mouth, our company was able to triple our clientele and become a reputable finance company in our community and industry. We truly appreciate our customers entrusting us with a sensitive portion of their lives. As a result, Cali Finance will continue to strive to do even better as our way of gratitude.

In the future, our finance company hopes that we continue our upward trend and continue to help our future customers achieve financial success. In addition, we hope to expand our loan programs, consultations and other financial products in order to enhance our financial services for our clients.

What are your favorite tools or resources that help you do business smarter, and how have they made a difference?

Our favorite business resources are conducting seminars and following business blogs such as

Our seminars help our company locate our future customers and also act as educational tools that guide us in improving our business. For instance, the seminars perform as our survey and marketing tools where we can interact with our customers on a closer basis. To our company, seminars “kill two birds with one stone” since we can educate and communicate how our finance company differentiates itself from their usual perceptions of finance institutions.

Business blogs such as also enhance our services by providing information that our customers are free to use to improve their business knowledge. In addition, business blogs help our company learn what type of information our customers want. From there, we can improve our consultations to be more in-depth and useful.

What advice would you offer to businesses like yours just starting up?

The advice I would give to startup finance companies would be to focus on selling a service rather than a product. By selling a product, a company starts to focus on only short-term goals rather than long-term goals. Therefore, startup finance companies resort to aggressive tactics that result in the company being more of a sales/marketing company rather than a finance company.

Hence, my advice would be to make long-lasting relationships and to not forget about the company’s purpose. Along with long-term goals, I believe it is valuable to understand that entrepreneurship takes time and effort. Thus, entrepreneurs should always meditate on and put effort in to improving their long-term goals rather than only achieving short-term objectives.

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